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 Ceramic fillers
 Plastic packing
 Filler metal
 Porcelain ball series
 Molecular sieve
 Honeycomb ceramics
 Alumina ceramic chip
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In pingxiang packing co., LTD
Should be packing co., LTD is located in pingxiang“The packing of the township”Pingxiang in jiangxi province,1988Neusoft mold factory founded in pingxiang AnYuan area,As the growth of the business,The expansion of the enterprises,1992Renamed in pingxiang dongda plastic packing factory,For more adaptable to the development of the society and the needs of the global economy,2010In the year officially changed its name to pingxiang should packing co., LTD。Better development for the company,In line with international standards,The company has passedISO9001-2000Quality system certification,Supplier is sinopec network resources market。Products have been widely used in oil all over the country、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Electric power、Environmental protection、Pharmaceutical、Space、Aerospace and other industries,And exported to overseas。Our production scale specialization degree and the quality of the products are in the same industry leading level,And by the user's consistent high praise。...【More and more】
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